About us

Antiro Media is a specialist boutique media agency led by a highly skilled and experienced team of senior media practitioners and industry experts. We specialise in carefully delivering the right message in the right way to engage your workforce and other key stakeholders effectively on the business critical issue of occupational safety and health. Technical accuracy is our priority. Then we make sure the message is tailored to each audience to cut through and achieve the required impact. 

From safety and health training to pre-qualification information for tenders, we’re talking technically sound comms that demonstrates your organisation’s compliance and beyond. We will help you win over suppliers, contractors, customers and potential new recruits. Using high quality videography, photography and copywriting, this is credible, strategic comms that makes it easy for you to demonstrate just how responsible your business is, meeting standards and regulations vital to your ability to operate.

Whether it’s training, internal comms, PR or technical guides, we will help you enhance your credibility as a well run business that is well and truly a force for good.

The Team

Andy Andrews

With over 20 years' knowledge and experience behind a passion for creating and capturing visual content nationally and internationally for household names and big corporate brands such as Vodafone, Hitachi and Jimmy Choo right down to single entrepreneur businesses, Andy is well placed to help businesses and entrepreneurs reach out to and connect with their target audience.


Rob Hickey

I’ve been working in the video production world for over 15 yrs as a cameraman, editor, director and drone operator. I love shaping the client’s concept/ideas into visually engaging content that they can use on all their platforms. When it works and all the elements come together and the client gets positive customer responses then I feel mission accomplished.


Tim Walsh Chart.PR

I am a Chartered public relations practitioner, Advisory Council member for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Trustee of the health and safety CIO, One Percent Safer. More than anything, I'm focused on finding the right words to help influence the people who matter to you, which helps you to achieve your strategic goals and be successful.


The consultant

Keith Hole

Keith is a dedicated Chartered Consultant specialising in Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Wellbeing who has excelled in regulatory, commercial and environmental aspects of the water & waste, utility, rail and  major civils industries.

His many senior roles and accolades include Chairperson for HSE European Conferences; Including HSE360 Summit in Frankfurt in 2019, Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and Vice Chair of the IOSH Construction Group.


Get in touch with the team by emailing us at info@antiromedia.com

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